Friday, October 03, 2008

Treetop Village


Unknown said...

dude, i like this alot! love the warm colors.

Unknown said...

Thanks Katon!
Glad you like this one, this is more
playful one than my work stuff. Style wise but I think it's good start.


Laura Sardinha said...

thats nice! remember to much the
"malocas" like a amazonian indians house!

cool! ;)

Unknown said...

Thank you Laura,

I should look up "Malocas" house and check it out- yeah they are pretty cool, pretty big as ecological inhabit structure.


Joon Pil Park said...

I love the color.

Cliff Childs said...

So warm and cute! It's nice to see this side of you! lol

Unknown said...

Thanks Cliff,

This "side" of me is something that I didn;t know that I could do, surprisingly I was able to play with cute shapes and lighting.

Glad you like it! :)