Monday, October 06, 2008

Golden Meadow and the Maestro

Another Vis Dev piece for future CG animation project that I have been working on with friends.


Jung Park said...

looks really cute!!!!!!!!!
nice work!


Izzy Medrano said...

This is brilliant! Such unorthodox color pallet but it works so well, and awesome shapes too! You gotta do more animation stuff, yer a natch!

Unknown said...

Thanks Izzy,

Unorthodox... nicely quoted.
I will have more confidence doing this practice.

Unknown said...

Izzy nice word usage! haha. but for real Cecil, i am really liking these concepts for the animation, it is very different from what you normally do, but you seem to really do it well. Again, i like the vibrant colors and shapes, very cool. You guys need help with characters? haha

Unknown said...

Thank you Katon!

Glad you like them and I should explore more of these friendly looking environment-yeah definitely good break away from GOW...