Monday, September 22, 2008

Otis Demo

Last Saturday- I went to Otis College of Art and Design to substitute Jung'sEnvironment Concept Painting class. It was one of the classes I was teaching last year but I decide to not to teach more than one class each semester since it was taking too much out of my weekend schedule. I am so glad that Jung Ho took over the class, continuing from my painting technique, I am pretty sure they are learning so much from Jung already.. from what I saw, everyone are so jazzed about his teaching and
assignments and stuff. So this painting was done during my class presentation, one of students asked me how I did "Troika Storyboard"-see previous post- so I accepted his suggestion, I downloaded a few modern architecture photos and start assembling each shapes and after an hour of tweakin and stitchin.. here I came up with somewhat unbalanced metal structure. I am not too excited about the design of it but I had a blast just trying to make it work while students are looking right over my shoulder seeing every attempts and try and error.. most of time I was clueless.. however I got to work under extreme pressure and wow.. it felt good!



Laura Sardinha said...

Omg! tks to visit my blog! im your day i will be like you =~~

Laura Sardinha said...

your lessons must be wonderful


Anonymous said...

nice demo Cecil. I wish I could check out the tutorial.

Unknown said...

Thanks James!

wish I can sit in your class also.
Good luck and let's get together soon with brothers!