Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PrimeTime Scoreboard

These are quick high level concept sketches I've done for
Troika Entertainment Group a few months ago. Each shots to suggest different ideas to introduce primetime TV logo in next gen fashion. These are put together using lots of reference photos, sort of speed painting- definitely a fresh break from doing established themes such as Greek mythology.



Jung Park said...

i love these sketches!
thanks for posting!
these are so fresh and original!
we should do a game like these!


Unknown said...

Thank you Jung ho,

I am glad you liked it. I still need to hone my skills so that I can have good depth in my paintings. It seems like I tend to rush things to locked down on composition and not figure out value related to each shapes.


George Fuentes said...

your work has so much energy to it!! its always exciting to view your post. thanks cecil for sharing.
hope all is well.

Unknown said...

Hello George!

It's been so long, After you graduated, there were so many talented students walking on your path, you were truly inspired dept,
your works are still hung on the wall. Are you still doing canvas paintings or still meditating on Maldive ocean?

Lim Hur said...

Hi Cecil~
hehe I saw your comments today!
Im flattered!
Thank you and hows working at Sony?
and jung ho? it must be fun
I saw bunch of your boys last week at Kevin's studio.
your boys~~~~ sony boys~~