Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Class

Thanks to Jung Ho Park for having me co-teach "Environment Design" class at Kevin Chen's Concept Design Academy. Unfortunately the class got full as soon as it got announced, I guess there was a waiting list already from James Paick's popular painting class. It's a 10 weeks course and I will be teaching by-weekly and I am very excited to go back to Pasadena area- it almost made me feel like I am going back to Artcenter. Since I graduated, for my entire career I end up staying at westside, away from San Bernando Valley and I think it's time for me to go back to where I started and hang out in lovely Pasadena. Hmm,, I miss those tree canopies..and tree smell.


Kalen Chock said...

damn i tried to get into that class and failed!! lol

Gavin said...

Hi Cecil,

Congratulations on the classes at CDA, it would have been an honour to learn from you and Jung Park :)

g said...

i will try to attend those awesome classes after this summer

Koshime said...

Well done cecil. Any chance of sharing your notes of the class you're teaching?