Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Union Event at Sao Paulo Brazil

So I was in Brazil for a week to do a presentation during Union event. It's a VFX / Game / Art event which went for 2 days and there were 7 presenters. I was able to meet super talented pros from mostly film industry- Neil Huxley (Mothership) , Scott Spencer (Weta), Ian Joyner (Legacy FX), Neville Page, Alex Nice, Robert Young (Blur) etc.. my presentation was rather humble- showing most of my career transition from Sony to Section Studios so my lecture covered from AAA game dev experience to building new IPs in casual market, PC games and etc. Response was great and it was obvious to my eyes how students in Brazil love entertainment genre and there's lots of them who would want to learn and create stuff. Attendees were over 2000 so it's not a small event and I ended up learning tons from just watching other presenters telling their success stories and industry tips. Thanks to Alex Alvarez (Founder of Gnomon) who invited me to the event and also everyone at SAGA (School of Art, Game and Animation- what a great name) for their generous hospitality. Bravo Brazil!

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