Monday, October 28, 2013

Art of God of War Ascension

Hello everyone, I have been too busy but let me get back to blogging.. if I don't have artwork to share, if I don't have any personal doodles to post, I still have a lot to share from my end. Our company Section Studios are cooking some fun game titles and I can share the progress we are making, some of other areas in business we are pushing- there's tons of stuff to share.
Let's begin with Art of God of War Ascension. With exceptional success and popularity of "Art of Journey" book- we Section Studios / Bluecanvas publishing proved ourselves we can design and execute pretty artbook. Game artbook. It's my passion and our company's dream to put hands on amazing game titles and we wanted to record some of the best efforts our game artists are making.. Art of God of War Ascension is 2nd art book we created. It's over 400 pages and great collector's item.
So far sales has been great and we are excited to bring this artbook to gaming world and all of GOW fans out there.

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SUPERMHR said...

Hello there Mr. Kim.
I really admire your work. I especially enjoy your approach to environment.
i'm a beginner artist, currently studying foundational courses leading towards concept art.
I've recently watched your DVD at Gnomon and it made me wonder:
what is your approach towards applying perspective?
i haven't seen many artists to do accurate freehand perspective dense scenes like you do.
is there a specific method involved or it's simply cemented in by repetition?
thank you again.