Monday, February 16, 2009

Tutorial - Drop ship

USS Santiago
Laid Down: 12th February 2059
Commissioned: 12th July 2062
3rd Generation Minitz Class Assault Aircraft Carrier
Length: 809 Feet
Propulsion: 8 X A4W Nuclear Reactors
Aircraft Carried: 140 Fixed drone wing and Bombers
Motto: Seek and Destroy
Nickname: Anvil
Range: Essentially unlimited


Erik San Juan said...

Really, really nice stuff man! The visual read on these is quick and the process is awesome to see.

Patrick Kochakji said...

I just discovered your blog. I havent seen your stuff since art center. Really beautiful work! Love the scale and painterly application!

Unknown said...

Thanks Erik,

Patrick- did we go to school together? I am wondering if I remember you at all.. long time..

Jung Park said...

nice thumnail sketches!!
i want one of those !


jason hazelroth said...

damn your stuff is good. I really like seeing your design process.

Patrick Dizon said...

Do you think about the lighting when doing small thumbnails? Or more of using shapes in different values?

Thanks for the help! :)

Unknown said...

Hello Pat,

I don't think about lighting when I do thumbnails. Thumbnail stage- mostly focus on shapes and how the components are put together, each parts potentially are made of different materials which could reflect lights differently. Also thumbnail stage is mainly put out ideas and various designs as a group, I won't know which one will end up as a small units versus gigantic mothership.
However probably second phase of polishing the thumbnails - I start to think about where the lights-neon or nav lights which could lit up local areas.