Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Laputa AD 2419

Earlier this year I started to work on this image remembering the castles and hazy atmosphere from "ICO" then as I started to figure out the actual surface designs of the castle itself I began to think about "Gear of War".. I guess I am thinking what if their awesome military tech designs to be set in glorious ..fairy tale like ICO setting? hmm... waterfalls and pure tranquility with just a sound of w
ind breeze..

Laputa (Wikipedia) is a fictional place from the book Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift.


Jeremy D said...

This is an interesting hybrid. The waterfall color makes me think the color was dyed instead of fresh water, it's fitting.

Anonymous said...

this is probably one of my favorite pieces from you. I really love the overall design. Its great!
Happy holidays hyung...

Unknown said...

Thanks James,

I like this one also-happy holidays for you too,


anima-base said...

Superb. the mood and scale are great~

Laura Sardinha said... dream is have painting lessons with you =^^

Danny Kim aka Danky said...

Cecil, Happy New Year!

I really love the mood you created here!! Always, your awesomeness inspires me. =)

Danny K

Nathan Andrew said...

Cool. This works really well from a distance, the effect is nice, but still loose up close.

Anonymous said...

I love the combination of Moebius type shapes of tech with fairy tale big bad wolf stuff. The water just sets it off so much.