Monday, December 15, 2008

Diamond Head-Am I evil?

So this album got released in 1987 and have influenced me and Metallica heavily, ( i was 15 and I was deep into metal back then) but more so... the image of gigerish train just stuck in my head like a bad nightmare so long, I did attempted to do my own version of it so here it is. This was done last year for Nucleus GOW book signin artshow.
I hope metallica play the song this thursday at Western Forum.


Jeffrey Cheung said...

Very interesting, and thank you for the portfolio help.

Alex Chu said...

Man this is piece is sweet. I love the eerie mood you got going on in there; definitely a step up from the original artwork.

Anonymous said...

wow Cecil,
Epic, moody, scary and just cool!
i love the design and the illustration is great.

Anonymous said...

btw I really enjoy the VGA trailer of GOW III.