Monday, December 01, 2008

Interesting Blog on Modern Art / Futurism

Perspective drawing from La Citta Nuova, 1914 - Antonio Sant’Elia.
hayley gilchrist’s weblog

This blog talks about all the great things on Post-Modernism that I always wanted to know more. I came across the site looking for Russian Futurism that once heavily dealt with architectural abstract-subdivism which made a huge impression on me while I was at Artcenter. I wanted to share with you since we all came from where these guys took their work so seriously that still influenced us in many ways.


Matthew Scheuerman said...

For some reason the link wasn't clicking through. I had to view-source to grab it. Here it is for anyone else having the same problem.

Unknown said...

Thanks Matt,

I linked it incorrectly thanks for pointing out!