Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tekkon Kinkreet

Taiyo Matsumoto's this stunning 2D animation completely blows me away. Background art is just bloody rich and madly painted-they did such a wonderful job separating the characters with more stylized simple shapes-every frame is a masterwork of composition. Genius Work even though I didn't really follow the story but then who gives a shit when screen explodes with visual galore-
this is by far the best anime since "Memories"..


shamus goldensteinbergbaum said...

Hello, Mr. Demented. As highly a respected and honored influence in the most exclusive artistic communities, I strongly suggest you do not go forward with your plans to produce any more art. That would simply be an unspeakable exercise in horrible taste. If the story you planned on producing resembles anything else that is on your blog, people would eventually confuse it for a website about different types of feces. I don’t want that, and I don’t think you do. When you’re an amazing teacher and scholar of all sorts of art, it is important to attempt to harness in the remedial couch potatoes who think they can simply call anything fine art. That is what I’m trying to do; I’m trying to teach you before you unleash any more of these attacks on the public. I have filed an injunction with the internet to have your site banned, once you complete several hours of good sense training and artistic appreciation courses, your site will be under review and might possibly be allowed to continue. If you have any artistic sense, you will see that this is greatest opportunity that has ever been presented to you. Please take this magnificent and glorious lesson I am teaching you and run with it.

Unknown said...

Hello Shamus,
You are hot!

Anonymous said...

HYUNG NIM!!! happy new year!
hope all is well =)
lunch sometime?
great work.....inspirational at the least....

mr arthur said...

sweet. that movie is a sugar high for the eyes.

and shamus is very hot.

Brandon O'Keefe said...


I took my girlfriend to your resturant friday night. The ambiance was fantastic and the food was even better! She agreed with me that it is hands down the best chinese food we've ever tasted.. SERIOUSLY!!

We are already planning our return, and we are bringing friends with so they can drool over the food just as we did!

Also looking forward to the saturday landscape painting class, your an amazing teacher and im really excited about getting back into your lectures and crits! :)

Mike Lee said...

Here here man! This was a beautiful film! Hey.. what's w/ the shamus guys? is he fo real?