Thursday, December 13, 2007

Big Gun

One of unfinished paintings I have in my WIP folder (but it's finished now). I am a big fan of J.W. Turner's work. So I wanted to play up with a big industrial shape (not a ghost train) with powdery pastel tone background.


Richard Peter Han said...

your work is really inspirational! very unique work.
it was nice meeting you last night at the pandemic party.

Unknown said...

Thank you Peter,

It was great meeting you as well,
I really like your drawings on your blog also. cool style,
Take care,


Izzy Medrano said...

Excellent atmosphere man. It has a great sense of scale

- said...

nice mood =)

S Joshua Im said...

it reminds me of cannon fodder
episode from memories of the memories. it's totally different design and style though..

looks cool.