Monday, February 24, 2014

Zombie Killer Squad - Artwork

Hi everyone, Section Studios released our 2nd mobile game called"Zombie Kill Squad" last Nov (yes, the title is pretty norm but it works:)) and here are some concept artworks our team did. Mostly my sketches are here except the 1st boss artwork done by our favorite artist "YoungKyu Kim".
Zombie Kill Squad is currently at 2+ million download marks and it's available on both IOS Appstore and google store. The game itself is actually based on our endless runner tech we developed early last year for another game called "Run Igor Run"(which we delayed the release date). While we were at E3 last year, we've met founders of 3BD who manages some of the most popular Youtube influencers in the world. So we decided to do this game together with Seananners & Tom Syndicate as main characters and the result was great! We've reached #1 in UK free game chart less than 12 hours after launch and quickly reached #2 in US. Thank you all for support and we are in works of huge updates with more characters, Weapons, Maps and locker systems with accessaries and cool costume skins...we are actually transforming the traditional endless runner style into runner / action shooter...Section Studios continue to work hard to bring you awesome games in mobile and PC altogether. Thanks for checking out my post and let me know if you have any questions / suggestions in mobile game development and how to publish your game on's been quite interesting experience for us. More posts related to the game will follow soon....

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McCannoid said...

Art looks great, looks like a lot of fun too