Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone


Anonymous said...

Loving the new image's. From your message, are we not getting GOW 3 this year? :(

Unknown said...
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elquemador said...

Is your last name demented? anyway, good to hear something about Gow III. Man how does it feel working on the game that may save or doom the ps3?

Unknown said...

no Quemador..
my last name is not Demented.
It was when the movie "Cecil B Demented" came out, I started to use it as my Quake name when I play the game with co-workers.
Thanks to Peter Kim to hint that at me,.


GOW3 will glorify Sony PS3 -your TV will bleed.

Anonymous said...

Man, can't wait, this game is going to be amazing! Hopefully we get a lot more previews soon.

Andy Park said...

Witch is flying through some fruit land? Wow, you are a strange man Cecil! I'll never understand what goes on in that mind of yours. haha! But awesome paintings as usual!