Monday, September 17, 2012

Artpark in Russia this weekend

I am going back to Moscow,Russia to do some lectures at Artpark festival. It's 2 weeks long art festival covering cinema, fine art, digital art and etc. I have met some great people last time I went there to do a workshop at Mail.Ru company. Something about people there, highly educated and serious artists... it's a mega size country and sure it did feel like a biggest metropolitan city I have ever been in my life. Last time I figured out their subway system so I am anxious to go out there again and experience their culture and enjoy hearing what history has to say.
As an educator myself, it's important for me to share my past and future as an artist and what I learned from working with artists in US. I have 4 sets of lectures, Each ones are 1 hour long focusing on game dev experience at Sony, Bluecanvas as my mission and long term goal to inspire people to embrace, love art and Section studios' alcazar production and lastly.. just 1 hour digital painting demo.
It's already low 50 degrees over there so I need to cover myself warm...
Thanks to Konstantin, Alina, Victoria.
Here is the website :  Artpark Moscow

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