Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Starhawk Concept Art

About couple years ago- while we were making a switch from GOW 3 to GOW Ascension-
myself and Andy Park, Jung Ho Park and Izzy at Sony Santa Monica had a chance to work on Lightbox's "Starhawk" (Released for PS3 IGN Review 9.0)
As exciting as we were able to participate in playtest sessions of milestone level in progress, (Thanks to Harvard Bonin!) we were given couple assignments to design "Mech Starhawk" and "Jet Pack" Izzy's Starhawk got picked out of all the designs we submitted and my Jet pack design made in the game.
Also Iain McCaig designed Ripper and main hero. Ryan Church did early high level BG concepts for the game.
Reviews are very positive. Fun strategy / Shooter game in multi-player! You can build your base in realtime while shooting off the enemies.
Here are some of my design sketches...Creatives over at "Lightbox" Dylan(director) and Lars (AD) were given us spot on constructive feedbacks and it was a good change for us to break away from GOW universe for a little while. 


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