Monday, April 09, 2012

Model Ship Assignment

Model Ship Assignment, a set on Flickr.
Otis College of Art and Design
So for my concept art workshop class- on Sat, 1st assignment was designing a moving vessle+castle inspired by Howl's moving Castle by Miyazaki san. After designing them on a paper, we did orthographic detail drawings to help students to understand that it is important for 3D modeling. Then we decided to actually build them from drawings, so students used random materials to cut, glue- put them together. Mostly cardboard box, bottle containers, strings, etc, Also painted them all in white, since I wanted to explain -that in 3D space, light shadow actually provide more details which we can't see it in 2D space. So here are some collection of images I shoot last saturday..



Jess Chrysler said...

These look great Cecil! :)

RogerH said...

Cecil, This is so cool you are teaching this way. When I was in architecture school, before 3d, we had to make these kind of paper models, in addition to our ortho drawings. Totally amazing results. I want to try it myself now!