Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Otis Drawing and Painting Demo

For Drawing and Painting (Illustration Requirement) class, I have "Uniform Assignment" which is students take pictures of people in uniform and make painting out of their own reference images. Actually this assignment was from Jeff Smith
's painting class from back in 1996 Artcenter... It's a good way of examining figure gestures and informations on their clothing and stuff. Old school..but good stuff.
Paintover in class to demostrate how to tell a story with your reference.


Concept Design Academy said...

Hey Cecil, how are you doing? Long time no talk :)

I remember doing that assignment from Jeff's class too, Haha~

Have a great holiday season and keep in touch~!!

Unknown said...

Haha! Is this Kevin Chen? How are you my friend! I would like to catch up with you someday, have a good holiday!