Thursday, March 18, 2010

God of War Artbook Signing at Gallery Nucleus

Hello everyone! We are having "Artbook signing" at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra California next Saturday at 6pm. There will be Visual Development team - Concept artists from God of War 3 will be there. The game is finally out this week and it's been getting very positive reviews from both fans and the critics. It will be great opportunity for us to meet fans and talk about the game and stuff. So far 2 kinds of artbooks are out in the store- one is "Limited Edition Strategy guide from Bradygames" and the other one is small artbook came in with "Ultimate Edition" game package. See you there and thank you again so much for the support,


God of war 3 Ultimate Edition


Unknown said...

congrats on the release Cecil! See you at the event

Devon Whitehead said...

cant wait! cya there cecil!

Sae said...

played gow3 and saw you in one of the videos~


Iván R. González said...

Hey Cecil, the Ultimate Edition artbook is ok, but can we get a proper God of War III? I purchased this and Im blown away: