Tuesday, April 14, 2009

OtisDemo-Sphinx Challenge

Last Saturday IP class, We had a speed painting challenge session for about 40 mins. The topic was "Sphinx Concept" and the very top image was what I came up with during the class.
Then I spend little more time at home to bring it up to the bottom piece.The flying ship needs more love.. Thanks!


Adam Paquette said...


beautiful beautiful concept.
i dont normally say this, but i think you lost a few things in the work up. I like the subtlety of the values in the thumb - i can feel the massiveness of the forms. It also feels like you lost your focal point in the work up - too much light being bounced around and highlights picked off areas that arent of interest.

as i said, not something i usually think is worth commenting but in this case i really loved the initial thumb sooooo.... yep!

beauty :) a

Unknown said...

Thanks for the cirit Adam,

As usual you see things that I tend to ignore. Great feedback.


Devon Whitehead said...

this is awesome Cecil, thanks for the demo in class and the crits!

Koshime said...

Hi Cecil,

Its interesting to note, how defined or set teh design is from teh initial thumb, which does not deviate much as it gets further definition. Would love to see some mroe love spent on this, step defined, and other subtle design features worked on more.


Unknown said...


That's so true. I am not good at getting things polished or detail em up to as you expect them to be,
Well, I just gotta spend more time instead of leaving it as a speedy sketch.


pao said...

awesome work, reminds paperblue and jouey style !!

Cliff Childs said...

Nice subtle colors and very mysterious..I like it.

Koshime said...

But your line work in FF9 was so (over detailed!!!!).

It does make one ponder that, perhaps the digital media, offers less opportunity towards adding the intuitive design features (afforded by traditional design) vs focal definition and general forms on a digital medium.

I know, I have to perhaps go to extra pains to add in thoughtful product design features, if starting and finishing in a digital medium,

whereas, if starting with a 3 -4 pass methodology, from pencil/pen to markers to digital and product design finish, the finer intricate details can be afforded more.

Nathan Andrew said...

Lookin very nice there, I'd love to get over for a class demo sometime. How's things btw? I've sent you a message on the CA forums a couple weeks ago, but I'm not sure that it got through to you.

cheers :)

Nathan Fowkes said...

Wow! Been a bit since Ive been over to visit and I'm enjoying it tremendously. You're knocking these out of the park.

sebastian meyer said...

Wow, nice work! I love the mood in your pieces.

Unknown said...

Thank you everyone for stopping by,

Great feedback and I will remember all the tips from you guys,