Friday, November 14, 2008

Monument of Monthu

So I started to play around with some egyptian references and this is one of the images that I
think I want to finish. Any suggestions?

Monthu was a falcon-god, In Ancient Egyptian art, he was pictured as a falcon-headed or bull-headed man who wore the sun-disc, with two plumes on his head, the falcon representing the sky, and the bull representing strength and war. He would hold various weaponry, including scimitars, bows and arrows, and knives in his hands -Wikipedia


Adam Paquette said...

hey mate - love everything about it and your thought behind it. would only say to watch that it seems to have 3 distinct focal points - not that its a bad thing, but maybe something you would reconsider in the workup. lookin' beautiful. a

Unknown said...

Thanks Adam,

Totally agree with you, thinking the roght bottom ground area doesn't need to be lighted as I hinted, it just doesn't make any sense. Take care and Sidney must be nice right now.. be there someday.


Mo_Rock~IN said...

Beautifull work man, keep it up.

alberto mielgo said...

wow! what art... i need some time to check ooyour work, it's very nice.