Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Art Center Memory

This Particular painting was done back in 1994-when I was in 4th term at
ArtCenter. It was the first oversize canvas I've stretched and that alone was enough a challenge for me. Then I used the oil based house paint-super toxic but I needed that liquid paint in order to draw the black straight lines unless it could have taken forever. Also I used oil crayon to draw the base lines which later blended with turpertine easily. This was one of the series I did for scholarship review, the theme is a homage to Russian futurism that never got realized actively but much influenced Eiffel to design the magnifcent tower in Paris. This is in a collecton of my long time good friend- Richard Moser- who just had his 40th birthday in his house this weekend. I wanted to record how it's well taken care of.


Richard Peter Han said...

thanks for the comment cecil. its personal stuff, but i keep two blogs to have my stylized work and portfolio work separate.

Mia Araujo said...

wooooow cecil!! :D

Unknown said...

This is the first time I visited your blog and have seen your evolution. It looks great! I have a picture of you and Donald sitting back to back looking at the camera at this particular show. You guys look so young. take care cecil.
mrs. yatomi