Monday, September 08, 2008

Forest for British Progressive Rock

I grew up listening to Asia, ELP and Yes. Roger Dean-illustrator who did most of their album cover(except ELP) was one of the reasons that I got into Illustration major. I think it was my early teen years, took my piggy bank money to local record shop and I come home and look at his cover art and it drew me into wonderful fantasy world he imagined. Music was almost secondary. Then I later found out he even designed the props and stage sets for Yes. Back then gouche was the way to go- this particular image just came together in my head and guess what... I have been listening some of Steve Howe's guitar riffs..

Forgot to confess.. there's Casa Mila underneath this sloppy painting.:)

Roger Dean


Izzy Medrano said...

I remember his artwork from when I was a kid too! Particularly the logos and such painted onto mirrors that you could buy at carnivals! Hahaha

Awesome painting, brother! I love those quick juicy paint strokes. Yer a master!

Unknown said...

Sub IZZy!

Thanks for the comment, his logo stuff is beautiful!
what do we say? Art Deco? no Art Nouveau right?


Unknown said...

Hey Cecil! Good stuff. I never got into progressive rock, although I did like some early Rush.

Unknown said...

Yeah.. I know you were old enough to listen to those classic stuff!!
JK.. I remember you and walkman and moving props for painting room!