Friday, June 20, 2008

Lighthouse Project

This short CG animated film that I helped on earlier this year- is ready online for viewing. This was made for Liberty Mutual's one of the marketing campaigns and the concept behind it is to sell the story of how people needs to help each other-it's pretty self-explanatory so go ahead and check out the final render.Right after the scenes were boarded out- I sat down with Ming Hsiung and we figured out what scenes are required to be detailed and flushed out. There are couple wide angle shots I painted and woked out the lighting and mood also the machine room inside the lighthouse helped the team to create the CG room.Thank you for let me participate in this fun project. Beautiful score by the way- also character design was done by Joe Kennedy- my former student at Otis. It was nice to see you all at the wrap party. Cheers,

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