Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Students work

Last year, last semester, on the final review, I took some snapshots of my students final project.
I named it "LA project". In a series of 4 paintings, I encourage them to freely choose their own style and run a marketing campaign, they had to take a trip to Downtown LA and took a bunch of their own reference pictures. Some found it fun, interesting experience, rather than a dull and frustrating one-way traffic hell on their precious weekday afternoon. They came back with interesting view on Downtown, from Victor Clothing Co. Graffiti's to polished marble chiseled lobbies, snack vendors and just waves of people in all mixture of different races trying to get stuff done within a few blocks.. I wanted to help them to see other ways to create their own art, with using their own photo materials-if you take your own photo, run your own show, direct your own shots and keep the copy rights! I got tired of seeing students ripping off other people's materials and just wanted to get done with it.. thanks to digital illustrations world, I am no exceptions but there are certain intergrity we need to keep specially when you do a publication an illustrator.
I've got really good response from everyone, they loved the project-in fact, I was amazed by some of the artdirection they did on this project. so here are some on canvas and wall. After all, we-are simply trying to have fun with art first. No wacom shotcuts for 4 weeks!! I see them smile and speaks with their heart.. I love teaching.


gio said...

cool paintings...i like the project that you gave them. get them off the digital and into the analog. analog is good sometimes.

Max A said...

Damn Cecil I love the work they did.

Very nice.

I really like the one at the top of the post!

Take it easy and see you soon.

gio said...

happy birthday dude!

Andy Park said...

It's always inspiring to see your passion to teach. It was fun talking to your class last semester. Have fun for the next couple of weeks, I'm going back to work on Tuesday.... I'll probably be the only one there...