Friday, December 15, 2006

Students Portrait Assignment

These are all done in digital medium-given as a 3rd assignment-I wanted them to experiment with brush settings and photoshop's ability to mimic the actual viscosity of actual paints. They had to stage and take their own photo reference pictures and got approved-I also ask them to adapt one of the classical painters technique or style. It turned out to be very effective assignment because they took it very personally and were able to sit thru and endure the stiff learning curves with digital tools. For the final presentation- they framed it with actual portait frame and also came up with individual quotes just to make each portrait to have more thoughtful finish..
From Top- Jessica Chrysler, Mimi Chung, Joanna Montell, David Dakoda, Roberto Gonzalez

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Jonathan Hawkins said...

Thats an awesome assignment. I really like the paintings that came out of it.