Monday, November 27, 2006

My comment from Online Interview

This one is one of my favorite Pieces. Could you tell me the process you used to make this one?

Jesse Barstad (This person interviewed me via email- I am not exactly sure what was the interview for)
My comment:
This particular piece, I need to mention old Hudson River school Paintings, the magnificent american lanscapes which had influenced me tremendously. I still remember how I was thrilled to see them from Met Museum NY. Somehow it's always been comfortable for me to create simple but big scale landscapes. It has been my interests for a long time since I was a kid, when I just want to visualize dramatic scenery-I always paint spontaneously. Not necessarily to do matte paintings but simple yet emotionally inviting pieces. I always felt religious voice coming from those Hudson river paintings, Pilgrims or Messiahs or whatever they believed in back then- I guess it's because of the dramatic clouds and lightings screaming from the sky. I couldn't help thinking about old-stories from the bible- noar's Ark, Apocalypse, babylon tower and etc.. I am not religious at all when I paint or draw but sometimes I get withdrawn into these religious settings. First I created center structure's shape-as mountain Peak-then I made it like a wooden tower, I noticed I was creating a separated base surrounded by cliffs and vast dirt land, I see it as some deserted island. I choose greenish brown for overtone, I like how it create older look yet mysterious feel-like Mona Risa painting had. I think the color worked successfully in this piece and the lighting is intended to be more like Aura or migical glow from some sort of spiritual power rather than the sun.


Unknown said...

oh man. instant classic. very good job Cecil!

Anonymous said...

Вот так вот, ужас просто, Галкин умер. А молодой совсем. Ему жить да жить еще и творить. Вот так вот ,вроде есть человек здоровый, энергичный и в один момент раз и не стало человека. Я просто не знаю, что ж такое то, прям последнее время происходит...