Wednesday, August 02, 2006

FIJI Island Trip Summary 1

Fiji island is consist of 322 remote baby islands. We stayed at the main island called VITU LEVU- (I think it's about 2 times bigger than Ohau island, Hawaii) and it has 2 amajor cities on both end sides-west and east. Nadi is where international airport located in, it's also nested in dryside of the island-westside. Westside city-NADI- tourists mecca and Eastside city-SUVA serves as capital city. All the ships and cruise chatters also embark at Marina below NADI airport. Bottomside of island is also considered as wetside of the island and that's where we stayed. Fijians are either native fijians 50% or indians 48% and some asians and whites. The conutry suffers from unemployment and high inflation- it's the food and gas- so expensive! Just like other tropical islands, they are heavily depends on the tourism but most enterperneurs and resort owners don't even use Fiji's banking systems due to political unstability. Money doesn't stay inside. I've met some local Fijians and Indians and It's so sad how this country is facing all these problems-most us tourists don't bother to know and don't even care. Where Fijians came from? The study is still being done but nothing is definite. They believe they came from ancient EgyptKAVA- traditional Fijian drink and they drink it everyday like ritual. I tried it and it didn't do much for me but I taste the numbing effects and I felt very mellow and calm afterwards. It fot me into thinking about Gaugain-even though he was in Tahiti but similar south pacific island- and I can see myself move back there and just spend some years painting these people.
They have such a interesting facial structures that I wanted to study their portraits. and drink KAVA with them and pass out on the beach. Hmm.
Such a wonderful nature and too much green I saw, they are truly blessed and living in Paradise, However I can't help seeing them got too lazy with the beautiful surroundings. it's probably why they are so remote from the outside world. Last night of the trip we got invited to a bonfire party on the beach and we drank BOUNTY (over proof rum) till 5 am, Fijian friends -Jesse, Ratu, John, Joe-sang the song "Isa Rei" (if you watched Korean air CF, in which the song was used) which is about Permenant farewell-to us. They are so used to send off people to other islands and not seeing each other forever. It was the most beautiful choir I've ver heard and they really touched my soul. I saw the stars under the moon and walked around the beach to collect the fallen coconut trees to start the fire. I love Fiji and I love these people. Innocent and they are happy. Heavenly blessed. They learned to accept...their life. TO BE CONTINUED.


sesto callende said...

Great travel piece. One of my dear friends is a Fijian Navy officer who dances gracefully and yet when he does the hakka, he becomes the ferocious warrior. He told me that polynesian dances are so graceful and gentle, like waves, because it is how Fijian women welcomed their warriors from the battle. Keep blogging.

Unknown said...

Wow! I am thrilled to read your comment-since you are the first to respond and did motivate me a lot-really appreciated.