Thursday, October 31, 2013

Making of "Nether" Trailer Part 1

Section Studios' VFX team created a trailer for upcoming survival MMO game "Nether". (website is also designed by Section)
It's an online 1st person shooter developed by a developer Phosphor - game company based in Chicago.
Our VFX executive producer Brian Wee and Director Charles Peak did an awesome job blending live action scenes with nice CG work. In order for us to meet production budget and also to maximize impactful storytelling- Myself and Charles sat down and work through iterations of storyboarding before we went out to shoot at locations. Here I have posted some storyboards and later I will post a link to check out pre-viz. It feels more like a trailer for a indie film rather than action games which
has a lot to do with carefully arranged camera work. This post is a part 1 of 3 posts that I am going to publish on the project.

The storyboards were created over 3 days (3 hours session each). I always enjoy working on storyboards since it's fast and each shot requires compositional solutions and also one of the rare chances to be sitting down and work with paper and pen, marker only. Although your mind needs to stay on fast drawing skills, it also requires you to be organized and able to deal with moving scenes around and stitch scenes on the fly... which can get you slow down and face some deadline issues if you are not experienced in storyboarding.

Filming at 2 locations. Palmdale, Lacy Studios Los Angeles, CA

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