Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gnomon Gallery : Forge Artshow

Gnomon Gallery : Forge Artshow

Next weekend 29-30th Oct, At Gnomon school of visual FX, there will be 2 days workshop. It's a revival of gnomon workshop series that were pretty popular 4-5 years ago. I was invited to come in and do my talk, demo this time. Also Travis Bourbeau, producer at Gnomon put together a group show with speakers altogether. I have all my recent stuff still under NDA, so don't really have any new stuff but I will have some artworks at the show along with some of heavy hitters, amazing talents in game, film industry... so come by and meet all of us. Thank you,

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iLLiVate said...

I was there! you were awesome sir! I come from a small design school in Tucson, AZ. So it was a very enlightening experience, your demo and advice was priceless.