Friday, February 13, 2009

Here it is..

Everything runs on the game engine. We had a press anounce earlier this week and some screenshots and the interviews are available for you to check out online. This trailer is all done in-house and every art assets also in-game models. Things that I am excited about GOWIII is that we are introducing so many new gameplay mechanics that were initially pitched during the production of God of War I,II. And of course some were designed by talented GOW III level/combat designers.

Some ideas being too ambitious to be executed years ago, only remain in our heads. Now I see Kratosdoing things that were from our wishlist, wow, we came a long long way to make this one all come together. This is what the game making is all about and how it's different from other forms of entertainment I think. It takes years to step closer to make things happen, and when it happens, You get to play it. Looking good is another thing, it needs to play better first, and I am just blown by how much stuff we are packin in the game.

So here are the links:

IGN God of War III Preview

Kotaku God of War III Impressions

Stig Asmussen God of War III Game Director Interview


Gavin said...

Hi Cecil thanks for the video :) It's always really cool to hear what people working on a game have to say about it. The cinematic looks amazing, is it running on the same engine used for the rest of the game as well? He seems to move extremely smoothly but looking at the quality of everything else I wouldn't be in shock if the gameplay looked just as fantastic! (Actually I probably would)

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

DAMN!!! epic and very exciting!
I can't wait to play the game..

Mark said...

Titans as living levels you can interact with. Pure. genius. I already have my money set aside for this game, its all just a matter of waiting now.

Mark said...

Titans as living level you can interact with. Pure. Genius. I already have my money set aside for this game, it's just a matter of waiting.

K. Joseph said...

cannot wait Epic game in the making

Anonymous said...

Hi Cecil. It appears that you're at the heart of what game making is all about.

The trailer for GOW II has many of us at our studio and our buddies at different game studios gushing. So , overall many GOW III fans.

In addition, it was a pleasant surprised to find out you were the artist responsible for all that gorgous FF9 level design linework.
Some of the best, design and layout I have seen yet.

So, short of a extended fanboi rant.

Big fan!!