Tuesday, November 04, 2008

More "Happy Painting"

here is why I started doing this "Happy Paintings". One or two reasons that made me step away from doing "God of War" style concept paintings, because these are so much fun just being
pure imaginative world and I don't have to think about 3D model sheets or gameplay or 3D application of textures and color schemes to each locations. I am still refering back to small project I was doing with Jongbo -the founder of Semologic since that project put me through some adjustment period and forced me to look into gorgeous art of animation world. So I thank for him. I learned again whether I am ready for job or not think that I am a good fit for the job,
trying out means I am letting myself to accept the challenge and that's worth trying.
Secondly the school I am teaching since 2002- Otis College of Art and Design- has been seeing some serious talents every sememster. I can say that I've seen more painters, illustrators and story tellers than matt painterly photoshop heavy concept artists. Definitely Mike Lee made a good example and He influenced many of us at school. Blue sky is such a talented studio and I am a huge fan of their artbooks. So hey! thanks Mike Lee.. you inspired me. I definitely get so much rewards from students that I can't thank enough.

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Jung Park said...

these are looking too good big brother!
man you are a machine.
you should post your another two paintings when you have chance.
nice stuff!