Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Diablo Tomb

Uncharted:Drake's fortune- that wasn't too bad. I beat the game and I am looking forward to play the sequel.
This image is something I came up with for fun, but the whole time I can't resist thinking about that game and
now- new indiana jones movie.


Izzy Medrano said...

Damn bro, yer a master!

Danny Kim aka Danky said...

Wow, This can be some crazy level in the game!!

Mongsub Song said...

AWESOME Stuff Cecil Hyoung.. freaking cool ^^

Mongsub Song said...

I can feel the diablo hellish feeling out of it.. very thretening feeling awesome stuff~!hyoung.

Unknown said...

Thank you Mongsub!

we should have dinner together, now everyone are connected, Jung, Steve,
Charles you and Andy, Andrew..
we should all meet up oneday!