Monday, September 24, 2007

Process- Random Environment Layout

The goal is to set up a persian-themed balcony area with little eerie and spooky mood.
1. fat brush to block out the walls and indicates columns and steps' size as well as locations
By given a portal shape for the end open hole start to give the area more historic look.
I don't like the stairs in the center but its ok for now.

2. Now big airbrush to cover up the shaped area on left and come back with eraser to tailor it to be more natural looking shade.

3. Blown out lighting from right side-thinking this place could be nested up high in the sky, later I can arrange spires and rock peaks to give it more fantasy look.

4. Well red paint wall for greek look and attempted to place some sort of lion head on the left corner but didn't work yet, casting shadows across the floor seem to be working fine.
To be continued....


Izzy Medrano said...


Sho Masanao Katayama said...

thanks for the tutorial thing.
it's always fun to see such a precess.

Sho Masanao Katayama said...

i mean...process..

Eric Chiang said...

very insightful...cant wait to see where this goes. said...
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